Being at the top of an organisation can be a lonely place. It can also be an exceptionally rewarding place. But it’s not for the faint hearted. It requires knowledge, experience, vision, courage, dedication, occasional bloody-mindedness, as well as an awful lot of hard work and long hours.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have all of those qualities and characteristics in equal measure. But personal and business success cannot be gained, in the most part, without a fair sprinkling of all of those things, and often a few more we haven’t mentioned.

One thing many successful business leaders have in common is they have benefitted from someone who has been close enough to help them personally, but detached enough to be truthful and unbiased in their advice. A mentor and coach. Someone you trust, who can challenge your thoughts and decisions. A person who has the experience to be able to look at your problems and opportunities from a different perspective, give feedback and question your perceptions and solutions. A sounding board and advisor. A person to challenge you and help you stretch and develop yourself to your full potential.

I have developed the Performance Partnership Programme (or 3P) to help dedicated, ambitious business owners and chief executives achieve their personal and business goals.

It’s an intense, 12 month programme. It’s not for everyone. It’s for those who recognise they can achieve much more; and also realise they can only reach their full potential with the help of someone else.

The 3P programme will coach, challenge, support and equip the 6 annual participants to achieve results that are exceptional. It will positively impact their businesses, and themselves. It’s my personal commitment to you, and one to one attention to help you achieve exceptional results that will last a lifetime.

This is a personal programme – it puts you first, and the business gains follow. It’s designed to make your personal potential accessible and help you realise that potential. And it provides a firm, reliable, dependable foundation for sustainable performance.

3P is an Exclusive programme that demands commitment. It’s tough, demanding, challenging; but fun and effective. There are only 6 places available every year, and everyone that completes the 3P will get benefits that last a lifetime. You take this with you wherever you go, whatever the circumstances.

And 3P comes with other benefits. Once you have completed the programme, you are part of a small group of highly motivated, high achieving individuals. There will be opportunities to catch up, access to other programmes and events, and short retreats in attractive locations to give you the chance to review and evaluate progress, and set new goals and challenges.

Currently this programme is waiting list only.

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