I am massively passionate about helping people to become the best version of themselves. I am also an enthusiastic reader, getting through at least one personal development book a month. One of the ways I want to share my message and help people is through my writing, something that does not come naturally to me, yet with the focus and determination I have produced two books books.

The first I completed was my ‘Pocket Action Book’ which is available for free.

My second book is a full comprehensive description of the full ‘Unstoppable System.’ Pete received support from many people in writing this and is very grateful to his publisher Capstone for their faith in his work. Unstoppable is available now from Amazon and was featured in a nationwide promotion with WH Smith in January 2015.

Pete delivers an action-packed action plan, developing his clients into unstoppable business growth specialists – Chris Gillie BA FCCA, Managing Director, Heritage Accountancy

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