One of the great things about the New Year is that you get to start something new.  Most of the time this takes the form of a New Years Resolution that you don’t stick to.  This coming New Year lets do something different.

I want to share with you ‘The 5 vital questions that you need to ask before 4th January 2016.’

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Why are these vital you may ask?  I bet you’ve seen these sort of titles before.  The difference here is that I work with hundreds and hundreds of business owners, chief executives and managing directors and I ask all of them these questions and they find them massively useful.  So if you would describe yourself as one of these type of people (business owner, chief executive or managing director) these questions will definitely help you.

Most people I meet want to do better, they really want to make an impact and have a great business, great health and a great life.  What they sometimes lack is focus.  They start well and then drift.  They then get frustrated and don’t reach their potential.   I’m passionate about helping business owners address this.  

To help you get focused at the start of 2016 answer these 5 questions and you will be an important step ahead in having a fantastic year and reaching your potential.  

When you answer these questions don’t answer them whilst trying to do something else:

  • Don’t answer them if you have some problem on your mind or at the end of the day or week when you are fatigued.
  • Do answer these when you have a little space.
  • Do answer these at the early part of the day or the early part of the week.  

Answer these when you are fresh, alone and can concentrate.  Remove any distractions before you start.  Turn your phone to silent or better still switch on the flight mode.  Yes, I said switch on the flight mode.  Switch off push notifications on your laptop too.

Ok so here they are, the 5 questions you need ask before the 4th Jan 2016

Question 1:

What is the massive thing that you are going to achieve this year?**   Mountain with snow at the top

This is the massive 1 thing that if achieved would have the most benefit on your life and business.  This is a massive thing that you will have to commit too.  This is a massive thing that may even scare you a little.  This is a massive thing that unless you are the very best version of yourself you won’t achieve!

Question 2: Why are you going to achieve this massive thing?

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I want you to examine WHY you want to achieve this.  You see one of the main reasons business owners in their 40’s and 50’s lack focus and begin to drift is that they don’t have a clear WHY.  You are going to have to stretch and grow to achieve your massive thing, make sure you know why you want to achieve it.

Question 3: How are you going to achieve this massive thing?

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Here I want you to begin to think about your method.  How are you going to achieve this and what do you think the steps are going to be?  Do you need help?  Do you need more knowledge?  Do you need to build some new habits?  How will you track your performance so that you know you are on track?  These are key things to consider before you start, at least have the first couple of steps identified!

Question 4: Who are you going to achieve this for?

Cloud with   One you know WHY you want to achieve this and then HOW you need to think WHO you are going to achieve this for.  Is it for just yourself, or is it your team?  Could it be that you are doing this for the customer of society at large?  When you build a picture of WHO you are doing this for you it will help with you staying motivated when it gets tough. Appreciate that is may well get tough when you are stretching towards achieving your massive thing.

Question 5: How are you going to reward yourself WHEN you achieve this massive thing?

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This is very important.  It’s important because I’ve worked with business owners in the past who achieved a milestone in business results or performance and the event went unnoticed.  It seemed to slip by.  I even know one guy who exited his business, had a nice payout and didn’t find the time to make it priority to celebrate!  

It’s also a great idea to have mini celebrations when you reach certain check in points or stages in the pursuit of your massive thing.  This is especially relevant if you senior team are going to help with the achievement of your massive thing. Before you start stretching to achieve your massive thing get clear on how you are going to reward yourself when you get there.

So there you have it.  The 5 questions you absolutely MUST ask and then answer before 4th Jan 2016.  When you find the time to do this you will be in a great position to start the New Year after the break.

Don’t take 2 weeks to find your feet at the start of the year.

Do start the year with a controlled explosion!

Get motivated and focused and make an impact the first day back in the office!

Finally, let me know how you get on, I love hearing about success stories.


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